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This is an alphabetical list of people I make reference to in my entries and brief explanations of who they are:

B: I love this man. He's way better than your shitty boyfriend and he has a big penis!

Dad: Self explanatory. He's not a very good dad. He and my mom are divorced, and he recently had a new kid with his girlfriend.

G: Forty year old roommate who used to work at the comic book store B likes to hang out in. He has goddamn children and they're all over our goddamn house like half of the goddamn week.

IR: Former roommate. I don't like him. He was in some kind of sinister, weird relationship with L, but now I think he's just lonely.

L: B's ex-girlfriend. We were good friends for a while, until B and I started dating. Then she yelled at us and dropped out of law school.

LN: A friend I met at the coffee shop. She likes good music. Her girlfriend intimidates me.

M: My ex-boyfriend. We dated for several years. I'm going to say that relationship was a learning experience and leave it at that.

MC: My best internet-friend from Illinois. He gives sound advice, and loves being regaled with tales of the train wreck that is S.

Mom: The woman from whose vagina I once emerged. As I get older, I realize I'm alarmingly similar to her, and I mind it less and less as the years pass. We're also on much better terms since I moved out of her house.

Pilgrim: My former betta. He was blue. He lived in a fishbowl with black and pink rocks and glassy red pebbles. He had a white castle. I got him on Thanksgiving 2007. He died March 6, 2009.

S: An idiot little girl and a liar who needs to grow the fuck up before she destroys everything in her life. On again off again best friend.

Sunlight: This really cute Argentinian guy whose virginity I took.

V: My little brother (born 1990 and not to be confused with my half-brother) who is the coolest kid on the block.

Y: The girl who used to live in G's room. B and I have done the sexing with her. She is afraid of crustaceans.

Explanations are subject to change and list is subject to grow as life happens or I meet and mention more people.

7:01 p.m. - 2006-10-21

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