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Fuck that fuck that fuck that.

We were driving, my mother and B and I, through the countryside at night. In my mind, I felt like we were in Florida, but the dramatically rolling hills and snow were a dead giveaway that this was not the case. Day broke, suddenly, over one of the hills, and the sun raced over the ground, bring depth to the view. Pumpkins! Pumpkins were everywhere, on every hillside, covered in a dusting of snow. They were huge, some green, some orange, with other colors peppered in. I wanted to get out and take a picture, so I could better remember how lovely it was. My mother wouldn't let me, and then B started taking her side!

The dream only went downhill from there.

We got home, which was actually B's parents' house, and dinner was being served. Dinner was the food from the place where I work, and I was so, so, so hungry. We sat down in the living room, and someone started passing plates around. When it got to me, I grabbed the first thing I could reach and shoved it into my mouth. The texture was horrible, dry and dusty, and it disintegrated further when my tongue moved against it. I hung my jaw open and let it fall out into my plate. It was a wad of pulled pork. I scraped the remaining pork dust off my tongue, all the while thinking how badly I'd fucked up.

I really hate dreams that start out wonderful and then turn deeply but vaguely disturbing like this one. Seriously, fuck them.

10:36 a.m. - 2011-11-10

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